Professional Work Samples

Architectural Designer

May 2021 - Present

Feb 2020 - May 2020

Architectural Intern

Jun 2017 - Dec 2017

Design/Drafting Team Lead

Jun 2020 - Nov 2020

Emeritus Development

Architectural Designer

Nov 2020 - Apr 2021

Landscape Design Work at Dex By Terra


My Role

I was a full-time landscape design/drafting team lead at Dex By Terra. I was responsible for creating legible and attractive 2D and 3D presentation drawings with coherent aesthetic style for the principal designers/sales associates. I led the team of four draftsmen (including me) where we developed the various landscape design drawings from conceptual sketches to presentation and construction drawings. I was also responsible for training teammates in CAD, presentation techniques, efficient software use, setting up library of different design elements, and developing time-saving workflow for the team. I have attached some of the renderings and plans below.

3D Renderings

1_1 - Photo.jpg

My Role

I work as a full-time landscape and hardscape designer at Dex By Terra. I lead a team of designers who develop various landscape design projects from conceptual sketches to presentation and construction drawings. I help my teammates by helping maintain aesthetic coherence across the different styles of different designers. My role entails preparing presentation and construction drawings, while also training teammates in CAD, presentation techniques, efficient software use, setting up library of different design elements, and developing time-saving workflow for the team. 

brothers P.7-15-20-page-001.jpg

Presentation Plans


I had joined the company in the middle of the COVID-19 crisis, when they were understaffed and there was a 150% increase in new leads (from the year before) since with the stay-at-home mandate, everyone wanted pools. I exceeded their expectations, by not only doing the work of three people, but also dealing with the huge surge in new projects. Thankfully, the company hired two more people in the team later on to assist me which helped me distribute some of the tasks.

Other than supervising and assisting in other projects, I have single-handedly completed presentation and revision drawings for 90+projects in the span of three and half months. I have shared some glimpses of the projects.  I worked on a few commercial and mostly residential projects. 


I learnt team-handling and leadership, especially when there is a huge surge of projects and the team is understaffed and stressed.


Architectural Design Work

LineSync Architecture

My Role

I have worked with LSA off and on from 2017. One of the first projects that I had the chance to work on was the Carinthia Base Ski Lodge. My biggest involvement was in developing the 3D model in SketchUp. This meant developing the concept designs from the principal architect and drafting the details in the 3D model. My biggest learning through this experience was to make clean organized models even with messy AutoCAD imports of conflicting formats from various teams of structural, mechanical and interior design consultants. I have highlighted the different parts of my involvement in the project below.

Residential Project Sample: 

The Sketchup view below shows one of the residential addition projects I am currently involved in. I have been fortuante enough to be exposed to the various different facets of the project from design, presentation and construction drawings, researching different manufacturers, figuring out construction details, MEP plans, etc. I am working in collaboration with the principal architect and the project manager of this project.

Capture (3).jpg

Commercial Project (Carinthia Base Lodge at Mount Snow): Construction Drawing 


For the Carinthia Base Lodge, I had worked on preparing the construction drawings, 3d model drafting of the Sketchup model, by integrating and reiterating according to structural/ MEP consultant drawings and redlines. 

Copy of 1701 Carinthia Base Lodge 2017-0

My involvement in developing the Sketchup 3d model was the most significant, since we used Sketchup Layout to prepare all drawings, from presentation to construction.

Architectural Design Work

Emeritus Development Ltd

My Role : Architectural Design/ Drafting, Project Management

I had been working full-time as an architectural designer and junior project manager at Emeritus Development, Ltd, based in Boston and Nantucket, MA. I have been exposed to a variety of renovation, additions and new residential dwelling projects in the Nantucket island. I have received extensive training in Revit, construction detail and project management skills through this employment. I have assisted in creating electrical plans, construction drawings, structural drawings, as well as general Revit model making.

One of the projects I am currently managing is shown below, which is alterations to an existing multi-family residence.

54Pochick 03.jpg