Landscape Design Work at Dex By Terra

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3D Renderings

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Presentation plans

My Role

I work as a full-time landscape and hardscape designer at Dex By Terra. I lead a team of designers who develop various landscape design projects from conceptual sketches to presentation and construction drawings. I help my teammates by helping maintain aesthetic coherence across the different styles of different designers. My role entails preparing presentation and construction drawings, while also training teammates in CAD, presentation techniques, efficient software use, setting up library of different design elements, and developing time-saving workflow for the team. 


I had joined the company in the middle of the COVID-19 crisis, due to which two of their full-time designers had left.  Due to Covid, there was a 150% increase in new leads (from the year before). Being stuck at home, everyone wanted a new pool to socialize outdoors from the safety of their home. I exceeded their expectations, by not only doing the work of three people, but also dealing with the surge of a volume of work that the company had never seen before. Thankfully, the company have recently hired two more people in the team to assist me and it is less crazy than before!


Other than supervising and assisting in other projects, I have single-handedly completed design and revision drawings for 90+projects in the span of three and half months. I have shared some glimpses of the projects.  I worked on a few commercial and mostly residential projects. 


I learnt team-handling and leadership, especially when there is a huge surge of projects and every sales associate wants their projects finished, all at the same time. Often, I would find myself overworked and overwhelmed. Hence, I started a schedule board to keep being highly productive without the stress involved. Here is a glimpse of how I organized the projects for the month of August (The dollar you see is a gift from a co-worker as a token of helping him out in terms of crisis. It always makes me smile even on days when I'm slammed with work.)

Schedule Board